Nile Wilson: How to Gain a Positive and Healthy Mindset

I want to dedicate this blog to my beliefs around how we gain a positive and healthy mindset. It is something I am so passionate about and I know that it is available to ALL OF US!

So much of people’s lives are dedicated to improving their physiques, but so few people give much attention to how they improve their mindset. I honestly believe that by improving your mindset, everything else improves in turn. I am writing a book at the moment about how gymnastics can change your life and one of the first chapters is dedicated on mindset – that’s how important I believe it is!

Your mind is no different to any other part of your body that you are trying to improve. It needs training and practise. I work on my mindset on a daily basis and have done so from a young age. So I would encourage you all to take active steps on how you improve your mindset to all that life can throw at you.

These are my key points to gaining a positive mindset –

  • Positive self-talk: gymnastics constantly takes me out of my comfort zone but I have practised and practised telling myself ‘I can do this!’ Every time my mind wanders to self-doubt, I talk positively to myself again. It’s a conscious decision and if you keep practising it, it becomes habit and part of your natural attitude to life.
  • Set yourself achievable goals: the key is making your goals achievable on a daily basis and they don’t just have to be at work or in the gym. It could be to do a good turn for someone in your family that day! Set yourself daily goals that are challenging but achievable. As you tick off goals, you gain momentum and confidence, which allows you to take on bigger and bolder goals. Momentum is so huge.
  • Find fun and enjoyment in your life! I know that not everyone is lucky enough to do a job that they love but you are not at work for the full 24 hours of a day! So in those other hours find a passion that makes you smile and have fun. It will be so healthy for you and improve your overall mindset.
  • Visualise: spend time visualising what you want to achieve. If you can see it in your mind then you can do it! Dream things into life! It is so important to see yourself making that journey to achieve something you want to. Our dreams and thoughts are so powerful to drive us forward.
  • Choose your attitude: it is a choice to have a good mindset! It is not impossible for certain people. So become aware of how you think about challenges in your life and if you need to make changes to your attitude then do it! It is your choice!

This is something I could talk about all day and if any of you buy my book next year, you’ll be able to hear about how my mindset has developed over the years and what I have learnt from both success and failure.

The last really important point I want to make is that I urge you all to not define yourself by success. Define yourself by the journey to success. If you make a mistake or fail at something, don’t beat yourself up about that. Each mistake is a step towards achieving that success you want. Embrace failure, mistakes and lessons because it is all part of the journey of getting it exactly right one day! The journey is what is important!

The Herbalife community is such a positive one with so many people with great mindsets. Keep encouraging that amongst you and we will all grow together!

Train Smart, Keep It Real!