Herbalife Healthy Breakfast

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What is Herbalife Healthy Breakfast?

Delicious and refreshing, the Herbalife Healthy Breakfast is a nutritious way to start your day. Customise it to suit your customer’s taste and lifestyle, and discover the benefits of a healthy, balanced breakfast everyday.

Breakfast Facts: Did you know?

61% of Europeans miss breakfast more than once a week¹. The main reasons are: lacking time, not feeling like eating in the morning and reducing the calorie intake.

Having a healthy breakfast in the morning has numerous proven benefits on our nutrition, health and mood².

Ask people what they are having for breakfast to identify and address common pitfalls by recommending our Healthy Breakfast.

Who is it for?

Whatever your goal or lifestyle, a nutritious breakfast is important to kick start the day ahead. Anyone can benefit from it, in particular:

  • Struggling dieters searching for a creamy and delicious breakfast without the high calories.
  • Busy mums who spend their mornings multitasking and may benefit from a nutritious breakfast that is quick to prepare.
  • Older adults looking for a way to get all the nutrients they need at breakfast without too much effort.
  • Young and active professionals who may want a healthier breakfast alternative to their “grab-and-go” coffee and muffin during busy mornings.
  • Sportspeople, as they require a high-protein breakfast to help them perform at their best.